Selected work

Digital clones with artificial intelligence scramble understanding of reality

ChatGPT performs better than 80% of students in Enem, but slips in mathematics

Artificial Intelligence changes Everyone's life, for better and for worse

Parrot who got shot, bit by snake and was stolen returns to zoo by itself

More selected work


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

'Poisoned' artificial intelligences are a problem with no solution

Part of a special on artificial intelligence published in 2023, it brings up a so far little discussed topic on AI systems cybersecurity.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec


Folha de S.Paulo - Cotidiano

Discord turns into a lawless land with groups encouraging sexual crimes and violence

Investigation that monitored illegal activity practiced in online groups.


Folha de S.Paulo - Educação

Enem shows that ChatGPT dominates rote learning and text interpretation

Analysis of the performance of ChatGPT in Portuguese, when putting it to take the Enem (standardized Brazilian national exam, which evaluates high school students).


Folha de S.Paulo - Ambiente

5G is the environmental hope of those selling internet

Reportage at the important intersection between technology and environment, about the impacts of the telecommunications sector.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

GPT evolves a lot, problems remain and dangers increase

Analysis of the advancements of AI with the launch of GPT-4.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Metaverse is a trillion-dollar market, but its face is unknown

Report on the apparent decline of the Metaverse, which is not reflected in the expectation of financial return (which are still quite high).


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

What you need to know about ChatGPT, OpenAI, and artificial intelligence in language

Report gathers information about ChatGPT, which became one of the main news topics at the beginning of 2023. Nominated for the Folha Award.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Brazilian cybercriminals seek prominence in bank frauds

Overview of cybercriminal activity in Brazil, with hackers targeting the financial sector while large global threat groups have prioritized ransomware.


Folha de S.Paulo - Esporte

Excel World Championship: spreadsheet program becomes a sport with TV broadcast

Curious story about the use of Microsoft Excel as an e-sport.


Folha de S.Paulo - Política

Election reaches 2nd round with expectation of reduction in voting lines

Analysis of public data about the election helps understand waiting lines in 2022.


Folha de S.Paulo - Política

Lula and Bolsonaro focus on economy and ignore corruption on YouTube

Data analysis on the manifestations of Brazil's main presidential candidates in 2022 on YouTube helps understand campaign strategies.


Folha de S.Paulo - Educação

Quota holder has a higher cut-off score than non-quota holder in 25% of Sisu's courses

Analysis of public data exposes inefficiencies to be corrected in the quota system for access to Universities in Brazil.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Who is and how does the hacker group Lapsus$ operate, and its connection with Brazil

Presentation of a cybercrime group with ties to Brazil that became one of the main names in the sector in 2022.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Cybercrime groups professionalize and profits soar

Overview of cybercriminal activity, shows the evolution of hacker groups worldwide.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Creaky internet will not withstand the metaverse

Special report made in the heat of the Mobile World Congress coverage, bringing discussion about requirements for the arrival of the Metaverse (and the revolution promised with it).


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Facebook is part of the problem, but there's manipulation in other platforms, says expert

Interview with an expert about the role of Facebook in online disinformation campaigns.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Hackers target vaccines, health sector, and shut down hospitals during the pandemic

Overview of cybercriminal activity and behavior changes of hackers in Brazil and worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Folha de S.Paulo – Poder

Cost of votes for women is 70 times more expensive than for men

Report on the 2020 election in Brazil shows the difference in how much women and men paid for each vote they got. A follow-up story showed hints of fake candidacies.


Folha de S.Paulo - Política

Hacker group that attacked the TSE is known for similar initiatives

Reaction to a hacker attack on the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) during the 2020 elections in Brazil. Illicit activity was being monitored even before the attacks were claimed.


Folha de S.Paulo – Ilustrada

Tech can get humanities out of the Middle Ages, Pierre Lévy says

Interview with the philosopher discusses the relationship between people and tech.


Folha de S.Paulo – Poder

Voting machine gets to its 12th election in Brazil under attack

Story on the cybersecurity debate over the voting system in Brazil right before the 2018 elections. Won the Eset Information Security award for the Brazilian region.


Folha de S.Paulo - Política

Amidst security debate, TSE plans to put voting machine code on the internet

Report marks the beginning of discussions about the security of the Brazilian voting system, which became one of the main topics in elections in the following years.


Folha de S.Paulo - Política

Fake news gains space on Facebook and professional journalism loses

Data analysis shows the proliferation of false content on Facebook.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Reading 'terms and conditions' of services on the internet requires 4.5 hours

Compilation of what the "terms and conditions" of the main platforms used by Brazilians say. Nominated for the Folha Award.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Brazil should have data protection law only by the end of 2018, say experts

Years before the Brazilian General Data Protection Law was approved, the report already set an expectation of when this would occur in the title.


Folha de S.Paulo - Tec

Tracks left on the internet includes everything from mother's name to love preferences

Report tracks personal information that is left behind on the internet and points out ways to clean up these data. Winner of the Folha Award.